Weird. We’ve been getting queries from brides if it’s true that we cover 2 weddings a day. Nabasa daw nila somewhere. My guess, they’ve stumbled upon this blog and saw my last entry. So in case may maligaw pang iba… Karl & I do not cover 2 weddings a day.

Ako lang ang lumagare during the D-Day (see previous post). I had been booked as a back-up photographer for an afternoon wedding last April 9. In February, my cousin had announced that he’s getting married on the morning of the same day and had wanted to get my services. Since I was already booked, I had told my cousin to get Lem instead as his main photographer and a friend as associate photographer. I told him that I’ll be taking photos until the bridal preps lang. So there.

Lem & I are into the wedding photography business because aside from sharing the same passion, we love working together. So even though the idea of splitting up and covering separate weddings was tempting, we never pushed through with it. Ganun kami kasi ka-attached sa isa’t isa hehehe.

Yun lang po. Bow.