Looking Back

Since a family friend knew that I was into photography, she asked me if I want to cover her daughter’s wedding. I said yes.


Exactly a year ago today was our first wedding coverage as main photographers, and I just can’t help but laugh and shake my head when I remember how brave Lem & I were to agree to cover that wedding when we…

… didn’t have a decent portfolio to show the bride, or packages to offer.

… weren’t sure if, experience-wise, we were that ready to cover a wedding on our own since we only had a combined total of five ‘tag along a wedding photographer to experience how to shoot a wedding’ jobs at that time.

… can’t even afford to buy another camera (we shared a digital SLR).


I showed the bride some of our wedding shots posted at our Photos.ph gallery and told her that in case she decides to get us, theirs would be the first wedding we’ll be covering as main photographers. Fortunately, she liked the pictures and us being “virginsâ€? wasn’t an issue for her (no pun intended :D). And so by the end of April 2004, we had our first booking. 🙂

As for the camera (and the flash, and cf cards, and batteries), we had to borrow them from a friend just so we could shoot at the same time.


Looking back, all I can say is, grabe, ang tapang pala ng apog namin, hahaha.