Bolinao Prenups

Here’s a sneak peek of our Bolinao prenup shoot — Tristan & Marga teaser

I have a grand aunt who lives in Bolinao and once in a while, the clan treks up to Bolinao for some R&R. Since Tantan & Marga wanted to have a beach prenup, and we wanted to shoot a prenup in Bolinao, we brought them along. Well, technically, they were the ones who brought us to Bolinao as my family was already there. They picked us up around 330am and we arrived in Bolinao around 9am. We did site oculars immediately after arriving and started the shoot by mid-afternoon. Tiring day, yes, but definitely fun! =)

We did the shoot at the Bolinao Lighthouse and the nearby Patar Beach. We wanted to climb up the lighthouse but it was locked. =P The beach on the other hand was full of bathers as it was the Labor Day weekend. Luckily, nobody bothered us our side of the beach. (See how ‘messy’ the sand was? Ganun kadaming umapak doon =D)