UP in the summer

You’ll know that graduation time in UP is near when you see the sunflowers in bloom along University Ave. and you’ll know that summer is about to end when the sunflowers start to die. This summer we shot 3 prenup pictorials in UP and during the shoots I got pretty nostalgic about spending summer in Diliman. During college, I usually took really lame classes during summer so that I would have reason to leave the house everyday. I’d attend one class and just spend the afternoon (getting drunk) at the ZS tambayan or play pickup tennis at the SC courts or watch a movie at SM City. I think I took hum2 and PE classes except for my first summer where I took Math 55 (I was still a diligent student back then hahaha!)

Anyway, we already shot a prenup with the sunflowers as background last year. So when we came back I had pretty much had a vision in mind of what I wanted.

Robin and Mabs

This was taken a week before graduation so the sunflowers were at their peak bloom. I passed by UP yesterday and most of the sunflowers have wilted.

Val and Arlene

The couple scheduled their prenup during graduation day, so we told them we could probably shoot in UP in the morning. The good thing was the ampitheater was being made up for the afternoon graduation. When we saw these rows and rows of empty white chairs we knew we just had to take this shot 🙂