Ednel & Concon (Nuestra Senora de Gracia, Edsa Shangri-La Hotel)

In one of our conversations over coffee, Concon complained about how her parents were being overly protective of her. That at her age, and as the eldest, a curfew is still being imposed on her while her little brother gets to go home anytime he wants and that she’s not allowed to go on out of town trips with Nel even though they’ve already been going out for 9 years, hehe. I could imagine how emotional her wedding would be.

Con & Nel’s on-site photo slideshow
(Only a recreation, not the original show. We had to optimize it for online viewing :))

Saying goodbye at the altar

I love this shot because Nel is at the background, wiping his tears hehe. This hug’s gotta be the longest and most emotional we’ve shot 🙂

Nel’s Mom during the vows
I was in front of her photographing the couple. As I turned around, I saw that she was close to tears. I had to take a few steps backward so I could fit her in my frame. Good thing she didn’t get distracted by my big frame 😛

I just like this shot of the MoH and the bridesmaids because I rarely get a frontal shot of the the girls in beautiful dresses during the ceremony as the ninangs are usually blocking the view, hehe.

Roomies no more, but sisters forever
Good thing it was a no sMADGE make-up LOL

Congrats Ednel & Concon! We look forward to the new countdown 😀