Nap & Lynette (St. Joseph the Worker, Baguio Country Club)

They met six years ago in Laguna. Now, Nap & Lynette are both based in California. So it was but natural for them to have a destination wedding in Baguio. πŸ˜› Indeed, planning a wedding a continent away is no easy task but thanks to the internet and the help of family and friends, Nap & Lynette were able to pull it off. πŸ˜‰ Here are some pics from their wedding…

Eddie Bruan prepping Lynette’s lashes:

Nap & Lynette’s monogram was part of their invites, giveaways…

… and even their arrhae:

What’s nice about Baguio weddings is aside from the cool climate, the flowers are aplenty… and huge too! The bridal bouquet with roses as big a fist (ok, half a fist):

Some hand-tied bouquets of the entourage:

His & hers Tiffany Celebration Rings:

A couple of bridal portraits:

Men in red ties:

Lynette, as she was about to enter the church (I love her expression here!):

Saint Joseph’s altar reminds me of the painted backdrops used in studio portraits:

Notice the cheat sheet of the priest? Hehe

The flowergirl and the… flowermom? πŸ˜€

Enjoying each other’s company:

You should have seen these 2 during their prenups, Nap was stiff as a pine tree and Lynette kept on fretting over Nap’s stiffness πŸ˜†

The Baguio Country Club Ballroom:

The wedding cake by Penk Ching:

Who’s afraid of the poppers? :hihi:

I know women dislike despise the bouquet toss but for me, it’s one of the reception events that I look forward to as a photographer, exciting kasi :hehe: