Baguio Prenups Part 1

Our apologies for the lack of updates. We have been out on shoots for the last 2 weeks and the couple of no-shoot days we had were spent backing up files, meeting clients and doing errands.

We have 13 prenups scheduled for the month, we’ve done 7 of them already, 1 was rescheduled to November, so 5 more to go. Here’s what our sched for the next few days would be like:

Oct 26 – prenup
Oct 27 – prenup
Oct 28 – wedding
Oct 29 – prenup
Oct 30 – prenup
Oct 31 – prenup

Did I mention that the last 6 prenups were shot within 8 days? Yep, wabbit wedding season is here!

Here are some pics from our Baguio prenup (Couple #1 hehe):







Couple #2 coming right up! 😆