Baguio Prenups Part 2

We were in Baguio for 6 days… Drove up on Monday, shot some details & reception setups for Wedding Essentials Magazine on Tuesday & Wednesday (plugging – watch out for the next issue of WE ;)), rested on Thursday, did Jen & Richie’s prenup on Friday and on Saturday, Meg & Marco’s.

The weather had been a bit gloomy that week, it usually rained in the afternoon, so we had to start shooting in the morning.

At the Bell House:

Although lacking in sleep, (they drove up early morning) the two surprisingly still had the energy to hoppity-hop, skippity-skip around John Hay :hehe:

At the Bell Ampitheater:

Facade of the CAP Convention Center: (bricks still wet from previous night’s rain)

Near the Eco-Trail area: