Jayme & Dinno – La Luz Prenups

We were originally scheduled to do Jayme & Dinno’s engagement session last October 30, same day typhoon Paeng was predicted to make a landfall. Thinking that it would be such a waste to shoot at the beach with gloomy weather, we postponed the shoot. I guess it was really fate, as on our way to Batangas (we’re about a couple of towns from Laiya then), the rain poured like hell. Imagine how bummed out we were! Amazingly, once we reached our destination, the rain had already stopped. (You just gotta have faith ;))

Minutes after we arrived, the sun peeked out of the sky 😀

A little bit of drama:


We didn’t get a fabulous sunset shot, but we did get a moonlight shot (moonlit effect lang :P)

One of Karl’s experiments with the flash. (That’s why we love our couples… they are such willing guinea pigs :hehe: )

Here’s a test shot prior to the shot above. Thank God our assistant/layout artist/secretary, TJ (a.k.a. Harry Potter) was with us. I don’t get to look silly 😆 (Nauto siya ni Karl hehe)