Flying at 500ft.

King has been pushing us for the last couple of months to try out Ultralight flying in Pampanga. We always said sure why not knowing full well that it would be very unlikely that we’d make the trip to Angeles and pay, just for a few minutes in the air.

But at the tail end of our prenups last Saturday, King spotted the Ultralights at the OMNI runway and had another try in convincing us. For the uninitiated, Ultralights are basically bike-like kites propelled by a motorcycle motor (Sounds safe eh?). The flight costs P1,200 for ten minutes. King and I were go. Mimi was a bit hesitant but later said yes when she saw that there indeed was a parachute attached to these things.


So how was it? You guys be the judge.





Stupid grin πŸ˜€


We’re raring to do it again… who wants to join us?