Hot Air Balloon Festival Prenups

Last Saturday, we went to the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark, Pampanga for the prenuptial photo shoot of our friends, King and Maui. King has been assisting us in our past weddings after our main assistant, Dax, underwent a knee operation late last year.

We arrived in Clark at around 6am. Since King is a pilot for PAL, we were waiting for some of his friends who had passes so that we could shoot inside the launch area. Thankfully, they arrived just as the balloons started flying out one by one.

The Heart Balloon




As you can imagine, there were tons of photographers in the area but after the balloons left only a few stayed which gave us the opportunity to shoot without much people in the background.


Safari-esque photo.


We were heading out for brunch when we saw the Total Velcro Wall booth and figured it would be an interesting photo opp. It turned out that not only was it a nice photo opp, it was a “Total” laugh trip as well.


Spiderwoman Maui


King kept falling off the wall. Maui had to lend a hand so that we can get a photo of them together on the wall. 😆


After a heavy brunch at Rumpa in Angeles, we dropped by the OMNI Hangar where King’s alma mater was located. We shot a few photos at his old training plane…


and at the tower…


Our day at Clark ended with a bang and will be featured on our next blog post 😉