We’re blogging at Narita Airport in Tokyo where we have a 4 hour layover before heading straight to Honolulu. The past few days have been a blur, from two weddings, to Boracay, to the Wedding Expo and now to Honolulu.

Haha! Na-lost in translation kami ni Mimi dito. Buti na lang pwede credit card sa McDo kundi di kami makakain hehe. I ordered a Beef Teriyaki Burger with egg. Oks lang kakaiba.
Teriyaki burger

Anyway, sorry if we weren’t able to make a goodbye post, things have been hectic. For our clients and future clients, if you need to reach us… email is the best way to go. We’ll try to go online as much as possible. You can also call the office and leave a message with our Spartan-wannabe layout artist TJ.

Peace out. Will blog when we get to Honolulu!