We got lei’d!


Aloha from Honolulu! We’re staying at Waikiki Beach and it’s pretty much like Makati, with all the buildings and high-end boutiques but with the beach just right around the corner. The weather in Honolulu now is like Tagaytay . It’s been on and off rain and sun. We’ve hit the beach but only for a few minutes because coming from Boracay… it’s just too cold here :laugh:

Here are a few more observations comparing Boracay and Waikiki. Boracay’s sand is finer and whiter than Waikiki’s but the waves here are bigger. The beach here is jampacked with people… it’s like Boracay during Holy Week. They have henna tattoos but they use airbrush. You have people on the street offering massages but they have their own massage chairs.


I love the beaches on the eastern part of island. They are much less crowded and the sand is much finer. It actually reminds me of the Bohol beaches.

Sunsets here are also pretty good!



Hawaiians also love their Spam! They have spamsilog at McDo. And look what we had for lunch at the Marina Deli.adobo.jpg