Bohol Prenup

A day after we got back from Boracay, we flew down to Bohol to do Lui & Kendz’ engagement session. Bohol is in my ‘places to shoot’ wishlist so I was pretty stoked when Kendz informed us that we were going to there for their prenup session.

We took the first flight to Tagbilaran and after getting settled at the Dumaluan Beach Resort in Panglao, we began our countryside tour of Bohol. Our first stop was Baclayon Church:

At the pantalan:

Kendz brought her cam, and in between takes, she photographs her very willing subject:

We had lunch at the famed Loboc River…

and did a sidetrip to the Loboc Museum:

The museum’s floor tiles served as an interesting background:

The next stop was the tarsier viewing, and boy, were we lucky, we saw this cute little tarsier… LOL

A candid moment:

At the man-made forest:

On our previous Chocolate Hills visits, we always went to the Carmen viewing deck in the morning as we were told that it gets pretty hot there in the afternoon. True enough, it was scorching… but with the beautiful sky, it was all good πŸ™‚

There was this instant photo souvenir kiosk at the viewing deck and most photos displayed were of people jumping with the hills at the background. Here’s our jumping version:

Low tide at Panglao Island…

I find it amusing that when we do a prenup session, the couple is usually reserved at the beginning (especially the grooms!) but then later on they’d be the ones to suggest poses to do πŸ™‚ Here’s one from Lui:

Sunset Twilight at the beach:

The day after:

View Kendz’ take on the prenup session. Read her blog entry here.

To Kendz & Lui, thanks for fulfilling my shootlist wish. I know you wished for more than 5 photos πŸ˜› so I guess your wish came true as well LOL