Naga X

It’s not everyday you get invited to be part of a celebrity’s entourage. So last week I was honored to roll with Jason Magbanua, fresh from winning Gold at the WEVA convention. Together with John Rana, Bong Sare and Denden Benipayo we were collectively known as Jason and Friends. Our destination, CamSur, this province in the Bicol Region is home to the x-treme sport of wakeboarding, x-treme photographers MangoRed, x-treme burgers at Bigg’s and an x-treme local indie music scene. Even the bus that we rode to Naga was labeled La-Z Boy x-treme.

photo by Denden

We stayed at trailer number 124 at the CamSur Watersports Complex. These are container vans retrofitted with boutique hotel amenities. They can comfortably fit 4 people and we spent a lot of our time inside our trailer chilling out and mostly talking shop.
Apparently, Jason is not the only celebrity at CamSur enjoying wakeboarding. We saw Aga and Charlene doing stunts with their boards.
Wakeboarding are for wimps. Real men knee board! Lol. Yeah, we’ve decided to form a professional kneeboarding league. I just need to buy knee pads and tricked out knee boards.

That night Randall, Ryan and the Dagooc family prepared a Naga Xtreme feast with all the food we could ever eat. Our night didn’t end there as we were treated to front row seats at Naga’s most happening hangout, Wharf Galley.

The next few days saw us visiting what I’d call MangoRed’s greatest prenup locations. As I said to Randall, they have it good in Naga, tons of beautiful places with no overzealous guards asking for permits. Our first stop was Mainit Springs at the foot of Mt. Isarog. The place has a Jurassic Park, rainforest vibe to it. A dip in the hot spring pools was a perfect match to the monsoon rains that afternoon.
The next day we went to Daruanak Island which I recognize from their prenup photos. It’s an uninhabited island just a short banca ride from the shore. This place is a photographer’s dream. I could spend a whole day shooting a prenup here. Lol!
View from the bottom.
View from the top.
Even the hermit crabs in CamSur are x-treme! photo by Randall
Sunset at the beach.

I’d like to thank Randall and family for being gracious hosts. I would like to thank my travelmates for the fun times. I would definitely come back to Naga and this time with Mimi πŸ˜‰

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