Ryan + Mia (Santuario de San Antonio, Blue Leaf)

This photo pretty much summarizes Ryan and Mia’s wedding: a touch of elegance with a sprig of rock and roll. I mean, where else can you find a bride in a borloloy-ridden Veluz gown wearing red Chucks and dancing to The Jerks at the wedding reception?

Mia strikes me as a jeans and shirt kinda girl but she rocked the elegant bride bit effortlessly.

Based on her smile, there was a girl who loved the gown even more than the bride… Ganda?

A Peyups.com trivia: We first met Ryan years ago when he was still the drummer of the Bridge. They were the first band we profiled for Peyups and the article was written by a then fledgling writer, now broadcast journalist, Joseph Morong. How fast time flies!

We haven’t covered an evening wedding in a while so it was a nice change of pace for us.

Is it just me or are them hotshot videographers getting younger and younger? (Note to self: Buy Katy a digital rangefinder to practice on. Lol!)

Highlight of my evening was rock icon Chikoy Pura and the rest of The Jerks playing at the reception. Seriously? The Jerks at a wedding? Awesome!

Congrats you guys! Rock on!