Jim + Pam (Discovery Shores, Boracay)

In a few hours, we’ll be headed back to Boracay for another wedding. But before we leave, I’d like to share our first Boracay wedding for this year. It was a joy covering Pam and Jim’s beach wedding. Amanda Tirol (planner), Jason Magbanua (that video guy), Mimi and I were at a consensus that if every couple were as nice as Pam and Jim, and if every wedding party was as laid back as theirs, then we could do a wedding everyday! Well, almost everyday ;D

What better way to start a wedding than to have a toast! I think they all had a few glasses too many as they laughed at all of Jason’s jokes. Yes, even the corny ones.

The female entourage showing off Pam’s gifts to them:

Of course, the number one reason to get married in Boracay is the spectacular sunset:

Thank you Pam and Jim!

Link: Jason Magbanua’s SDE