Bindoy + Kathy (Madre de Dios, Tagaytay Midlands)

Basing on Kathy and Bindoy’s wedding, I guess their top 3 priorities in life would be God, each other and coffee. If they could’ve fit all of their guests in Starbucks Tagaytay, I bet they would have had their wedding reception there. But they did the next best thing though, by hiring event stylist Badang Rueda to transform the Tagaytay Midlands Veranda to the biggest cozy coffee shop I’ve been to.

A Buzz Lightyear quote for their Paloma’s Nest ring holder:

Kathy’s simple but classy Veluz gown:

Kathy’s mom also wore a beautiful Veluz gown and we were kidding her that she was a veil and train short of a double wedding. 😀

Keeping up with the theme is a Latte shaped cake with all the ingredients for a perfect marriage baked by none other than Joy San Gabriel.

You don’t cut such a cake, you bite into it!

Para lang nagkwe-kwentuhan sa Starbucks.

One order of cafe latte to go with love, trust, care, fun for Bindoy and Kathy! Congrats guys!

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