Rome, Italy Street Photography with the X100

We arrived in Rome just in time for the EuroPride 2011 parade, the biggest Gay and Lesbian Pride Parade in all of Europe. We didn’t know there was a parade until we heard the loud house music outside our hotel. It was like the UP Lantern Parade on steroids.

Fabulous, yes, you are!
Europride 2011 Rome, Italy

Allan Caidic shorts:
Europride 2011

Rome Italy

Sorry, back focused… I couldn’t concentrate. πŸ˜›
Europride 2011 Roma, Italia

What’s a parade without Ancient Egyptians with glitters?
Europride 2011, Rome, Italy

Birds of the same feathers…

I kinda felt sorry for the guy in costume on the right. I mean, how can you compete with…

…The Gladiator?! (If you watch the Game of Thrones, that’s The Mountain That Rides in a golden jockstrap fit for a Ser.)
Europride 2011, Rome, Italy

Rainbow Bear

The guy passed out. The kind monk brought him some water and made sure he was ok.

I like how the Italians roll. Ride your bike to your favorite restaurant, have a drink on the street while chatting with your friends.
Rome Italy street scene

Arch of Titus. (For those who are wondering about the flares, I have a UV filter attached to my camera for protection, I remove it sometimes if I don’t like the flare/glare or if I have trouble with the AF. I think I removed it for this shot.)
Arch of Titus

The Colosseo:
The Colosseo

The Pantheon:

Blending in…

Capping this post with my favorite photo during the Pride Parade. Sunset + Ancient Roman arch + deserted cobblestone street + a kiss = magic.
Europride 2011 two guys kiss