Florence, Italy Street Photography with the X100

Our travel itinerary was a bit flexible. We thought of scheduling a day trip to Florence (it’s an hour and a half by express train from Rome) and we were glad we did. Florence has history, art, gelato and tons of vintage bikes!

I’m currently restoring a couple of vintage bikes as a hobby and seeing all those vintage bikes in Firenze, as well as the stylish men and women riding them, made me wish I lived there.
Duomo Florence Italy

Cute girl riding a step-through:
Firenze bike

I came upon this abandoned roadster frame at an alley and I wanted to take it home.
Vintage roadster bike florence italy

Hands-down, the best handlebar accessory a guy could ask for:
Tandem bike florence italy

We had the best gelato at this shop called Grom. Looks like the lady agrees with me. Their egg cream gelato is to die for! (It tastes like leche flan.)
Grom Gelato best egg-cream gelato

It’s my turn to be ‘that’ tourist taking a photo during a couple pictorial. LOL

Replica of David outside Palazzo Vecchio:
David Michaelangelo

A Japanese artist recreating a painting on the street:
Florence Italy

I don’t think the real statue approves :p
Street performer

Uh-oh, somebody’s stealing the ‘No Entry’ sign!
Firenze stop sign

They say cars in Italy are small, but this is ridiculous:
Firenze Italia