Paolo & Tracy (Christ the King, Manila Pen)

Paolo & Tracy photo slideshow
9 June 2006

Paolo & Tracy are good friends of my brother from way back in highschool. The funny thing was early in their preparations, my brother was insisting that they consider me to cover their wedding. (My brother can be really makulit.) So Paolo and Tracy were like, thanks but no thanks, since they already had a photographer in mind. They told him that they were bent on getting the photographer who shot Jules and Assunta’s wedding which they read about on Wedding Essentials Magazine . So my brother goes “Kapatid ko nga yun!” and they thought he was joking because the photographer’s name is Mimi Abesamis. 😛

The rings on top of the candy souvenirs. (Mimi’s shot)

Lashes that can give Isabel Granada a run for her money. (again Mimi’s)

Sinong umutot? I kid, I kid (Mimi’s still)

Doesn’t Tracy look like a young Gloria Romero? Ganda ng lola mo! (Finally, my shot! hahaha)

Enjoy the slideshow!